The Ultimate Same Game Parlay Guide: How to Make Profitable SGPs

Our betting experts deliver The Ultimate Same Game Parlay Guide. You have everything you need to know about how to build profitable SGPs.

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Same game parlays (SGPs) have quickly become one of the favorites for bettors because they offer the chance to win big by predicting what happens in just one game. We have seen countless betslips shared where players hit odds of +10000 or more just by betting on a single contest.

In our Ultimate Game Same Parlay Guide, our sports betting experts break down everything you need to know about SGPs including what they are, the best same game parlay sportsbooks, and how to turn a profit on betting SGPs.

What are same game parlays?

how to build a same game parlay

A same game parlay is a bet where you place multiple wagers on the same game. This can include everything from the Moneyline or Total all the way to unique props such as “who will score the first basket?”.

In essence, same game parlays are correlated wagers. This means that each leg of the parlay is connected to the others, influencing the likelihood that each selection on your SGP will happen.

Same game parlays can range in odds and style. You can make an SGP of Kansas City Chiefs to win and Patrick Mahomes to throw over 300 yards, two likely outcomes, and get a +100 return. You can also make a same game parlay that includes a variety of players to go over/under their passing yards, rushing yards, receiving yards, etc. that will see you get up to 100x return on your stake.

Like any parlay, the bet only wins if all of your selections are correct. If you have 10 selections on your SGP but only one of them misses, then the entire bet loses.

When did sportsbooks start offering same game parlays?

The first concept of same game parlays was introduced by UK-based sportsbook SkyBet back in 2012.

It all began with the company receiving regular tweets from players that wanted to receive custom bets for soccer games. After seeing the demand for customized bets, the brand launched their “Request a Bet” promotion. Players could send a tweet to SkyBet with what they wanted to bet on and the sportsbook’s trading team would post odds on the #Requestabet section of the site.

The early days of “Request a Bet” didn’t have the same sophistication as modern same game parlays. The team would literally review thousands of tweets, pick the best combinations and then use a basic model to come up with the odds.

However, the idea exploded in the 2015 Champions League final between Juventus and Barcelona. SkyBet claims to have taken over 90,000 Request a Bets on that game alone, showing that the idea of letting players choose multiple outcomes in a single game had some legs.

Flashforward to 2019, when sports betting is legal in the United States. FanDuel became the first US sportsbook to offer same game parlays in the way we know them now. Rather than having to tweet or request outcomes, the site allowed players to simply add a few selections from the same game to their betslip, where the odds were automatically calculated.

What are the best sportsbooks for same game parlays?

As same game parlays have become extremely popular in the US, they are offered by virtually all of the best US sportsbooks.

Below are a list of the best sportsbooks to place a SGP, including some pros and cons.

Bet365Same Game ParlayAllows you to parlay SGPs from different games onto one betslip
BetMGMOne-Game ParlaySGP Insurance insurance offers a partial payout if your SGP loses because of an early game injury, a buzzer beater or a last minute field goal
CaesarsSame Game ParlayOffered on a wide range of leagues including soccer and tennis
DraftKingsSame Game ParlayDynamic Odds lets you see the total odds if you add a specific selection
ESPN BETParlay+Shows individual pricing for each SGP selection
FanDuelSame Game ParlayThe most selections including microbets for SGPs

Each of the sportsbooks that offer same game parlays have their own rules, so we recommend that you read through their Terms and Conditions on SGPs to understand exactly how things like player injuries or voided selections are handled.

Are same game parlays popular?

Yes, same game parlays are quickly becoming one of the most popular betting types in the US.

FanDuel says that 90% of their active users have now placed a same game parlay at least once. For something once considered a niche, it appears that SGPs have now become the go-to for a lot of regular players.

It was estimated that between 25% and 30% of all bets placed on Super Bowl 58 between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers were same game parlays, a number that shows that casual players are embracing multiple bets on a single game.

What are the biggest same game parlay wins?

With same game parlays offering limitless opportunities for astronomical odds, we have seen SGP wins with odds all the way up to +600,000 hit, netting the player a nearly $1 million payday.

One player hit an incredible same game parlay that included 19 player props in a game between the LA Lakers and Utah Jazz, turning a $166 stake into $996,000.

Next, we have a same game parlay bettor that threw down a massive $500,000 on an SGP to turn it into $5.5 million. Of course, most players aren’t betting $500,000 on their SGPs, but it was still the most profitable SGP we have seen to date.

Are same game parlays profitable for bettors?

Despite the incredible wins shown above, same game parlays are much more profitable for sportsbooks than bettors.

A lot of players might not be aware, but sportsbooks actually rake in more cash from parlay bets than from any other kind of bet out there. The reason behind this is the inherent advantage or edge the house gains with parlays, an edge that you don’t quite see with other betting formats.

This essentially turns parlay bets into a goldmine for bookmakers, pretty much ensuring a profit for them no matter how the games turn out. That’s the motive behind the barrage of ads you see from online sportsbooks promoting parlays—they’re basically printing money with these bets.

Taking a look at New Jersey’s gaming revenue results from June 2022, it’s clear as day: the house’s win rate on parlays for the year stood at 16%, which is almost three times higher than the 5.3% win rate they have across all sports events.

Put simply, sportsbooks are pocketing about three times more from parlays compared to any other type of wager.

How to earn a profit from same game parlays as a player?

Despite the above numbers in favor of the sportsbook, same game parlays are can actually be a good bet for sharp players.

The reason that SGPs are so profitable for sportsbooks is that they entice casual bettors with large payouts. Bettors looking to wager $10 on a game would much rather make a wild SGP to return $500 than two-leg parlay that brings back $20.

Here are our expert tips to become a profitable same game parlay bettor:

Keep same game parlays small

While the idea of turning $20 into $1000 is nice, it’s very unlikely. We recommend keeping SGPs to two or three selections, which will dramatically increase your odds of winning.

Since the sportsbooks take an additional margin on each selection added, your implied value diminishes with each extra leg you add. When you only include a few selections, you not only increase your chances of winning, but you are also getting more value in your bet.

Use alternative lines for player props

When you’re looking to win more SGPs rather than hit a home run with huge odds, using alternative lines for player props is key. With the standard line for points, rebounds, rushing attempts, etc. offers a 50% chance, alternative lines give you a better chance at a win.

Our best move for same game parlays is taking two players at their alternative prop lines for a payout of around +100. Lower odds, yet a better chance that the bets actually come in.

Look for correlation between the selections

The best way to build profitable same game parlays is to find correlations between each leg you add. If you believe that Patrick Mahomes is going to throw for over 300 yards, then adding Travis Kelce on the over receiving yards makes sense.

By building SGPs with positive correlations, you are maximizing the chances of each parlay winning. While you may sacrifice better odds with the correlations, you will be protecting your capital and limiting your risk.

You don’t want to be adding contrary correlations to your SGPs. If you think an NBA game is going under, adding a player to hit over on their point total goes in contrast to the flow of the game. Instead, think about adding player blocks, steals or rebounds.