NBA Fantasy Points Per Minute

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NBA Fantasy Points Per Minute

Our NBA Fantasy Points Per Minute tool lets you see the most efficient players at racking up fantasy points for every minute they are on the floor.

Before you set your NBA DFS lineups, check this tool and our NBA Minute Movers to see who will be playing the most and how productive they are.

By instantly seeing how many NBA Fantasy Points Per Minute each player delivers, you can optimize your DFS lineups and make better NBA fantasy point prop bets.

Why NBA Fantasy Points Per Minute is Important in DFS

When you know how many DFS points each player gets per minute lets you set the perfect lineup in NBA DFS. Players that maximize their time on the court will bring in more points over the course of a game, so your team will perform better each night.

This is especially important for players with lower salaries. We all know Luka Doncic and Giannis Antentokounmpo will put up numbers every night, but when you’re looking for a sleeper to add to your team, fantasy points per minute becomes huge.

Using our tool combined with any potential injuries, new starters or rest days will help you find the best low-salary players that will deliver the highest returns when they get more minutes.

Using NBA Fantasy Points Per Minute for Player Prop Betting

Now that you can make player prop bets on fantasy points, understanding player points per minute is very important. By looking at the player’s FPS per minute, you get a better idea if they will go over or under the total set by sportsbooks.

For example, if you believe that a player may see reduced minutes in a potential blowout or do to player management, you can use their NBA fantasy points per minute to calculate what their overall score will be.

Then, you can compare that amount with the line offered by your sportsbook to make the best possible bet.

NBA Fantasy Points Per Minute Trends

Using the tool to see the points per minute over the last five or ten games gives you an edge. When you see a player that has a higher FPS per minute in the last five games, you know that the player is becoming more important to their team.

Whether it’s a change in strategy or the player is just performing at a higher level, it’s best to follow the most recent performance when setting your DFS lineup or making a fantasy player prop bet.