NBA Starting Lineups

July 20, 2024 (1 Games)

8:30 PM ET
PG Luka Doncic
SG Kyrie Irving
SF Derrick Jones
PF P. Washington
C D. Gafford
PG Jrue Holiday
SG Derrick White
SF Jaylen Brown
PF Jayson Tatum
C Al Horford

NBA Starting Lineups

BetPreview’s NBA Starting Lineups tool shows you all the lineups for every NBA game.

Our NBA Starting Lineups are updated regularly, so you always know who is playing. If there is an injury or lineup change, this tool will automatically update so you know exactly who will be on court for the tip-off.

Why NBA Starting Lineups are Important for Sports Betting

Whether you’re betting on the Moneyline, Same Game Parlays or Player Props, it is important to know which players will be starting. Lineup changes such as injuries, rest days or suspensions make a huge impact on betting lines at the top US sportsbooks.

A star player sitting out like Steph Curry can sway the betting line by as much as 5 points and the over/under by even more. By staying on top of who will be in each NBA starting lineup, you will always be making the best possible bet.

NBA Starting Lineups is a Game-Changer for Your NBA DFS Strategy

The ripple effect of lineup changes in the NBA isn’t just big for bettors; it’s a major game-changer for NBA DFS players. Take, for example, the impact a player like Nikola Jokic has on the court. If he’s in, the dynamics shift, making his teammates prime picks for your DFS roster and putting a spotlight on Jamal Murray as a key player for that day’s action.

NBA Starting Lineups for Your Fantasy Basketball Edge

For fantasy basketball players, understanding the power of the starting five is equally crucial. It’s pretty similar to the DFS scene, but with a twist: you’ve got to be sharp about swapping out injured players from your team and bringing in those who stand to gain from the latest lineup changes. 

Keeping your lineup fresh and responsive can really make all the difference in your fantasy basketball performance.

NBA Starting Lineup FAQs

What is an NBA Starting Lineup?

In the NBA, a team kicks off the game with five main players: a point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. This combo forms the team’s starting lineup, chosen before the game begins.

Which team has the best NBA Starting Lineup?

The best NBA starting lineup is always up for debate. Statistically, the best NBA starting lineup in 2024 is the Milwaukee Bucks led by Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard, as they have the highest net rating for a starting five at 15.3.

Which NBA Team Has the Best Bench?

Right now, the Los Angeles Clippers have the best bench in the NBA. Featuring Terance Mann, Norman Powell, and Bones Hyland, the Clippers have multiple impact players coming off the bench, which is why they are near the top of the Western Conference.

How Often Do NBA Starting Lineups Change?

NBA starting lineups are quite fluid, changing anywhere from weekly to monthly. Due to injuries, strategic shifts, and the need to match up against opponents, teams frequently adjust their lineups. The rise of rest days and player management mean NBA starting lineups change more than ever, which is why checking our tool daily is important for betting and NBA DFS.