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NBA Minute Movers

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NBA Minute Movers

The NBA Minute Movers tool displays the players with the biggest changes in minutes over the past three and five games. The tool also gives projected minutes for each player in their next game.

Using the NBA Minute Movers tool on a daily basis lets you know which players are seeing more floor time and are more likely to have more fantasy points per game.

Players that are trending upwards are good additions to a DFS lineup, while players losing minutes aren’t adding value to your team.

Using the NBA Minute Movers for DFS

Players that are getting more minutes obviously have a better chance of putting up a higher fantasy score. That’s why this tool displays the players that have the biggest variance in recent minutes compared to their season average.

Whether they are playing more due to injuries, a change in strategy or better performance, you can find the best NBA DFS players based on their projected minutes.

Using the NBA Minute Movers for Player Prop Betting

When betting on NBA player props, it is important to know how much floor time each player will be given. Players that are seeing more time lately may be undervalued for prop totals, while those losing time may be overvalued.

Player minutes are directly correlated to their overall stats. So, when you see a player that has had a bump in minutes over the past five games, you will want to look at the over on their totals.

Using the NBA Minute Movers tool is a great way to find NBA player prop value bets and beat the sportsbook’s predicted line.

Why Do NBA Players Get More/Less Minutes?

NBA players can get more or less minutes for a number of reasons including injuries, load management or better/worse performance.

Injuries are the biggest reason for NBA minute movement. If a starting player is injured, then a player that usually comes off the bench will receive more minutes while replacing them. This should lead to more fantasy points as well as value on the over in their props.

Load management is another reason for a shift in NBA minutes. When star players are rested, teams usually have a backup player that takes their role. By checking our NBA Starting Lineups tool, you can see when certain players may miss out on a game, then add their replacement to your DFS lineup for great value.

Player performance is another reason for swings in NBA minutes. If a starter isn’t playing well, a coach can shake things up by getting them to come off the bench. That can give added value to their replacement, while making them somebody to avoid in DFS.

What is the Minute Rating?

The minute rating is the difference between the player’s minutes per game over the last five compared to their season average. 

Players with positive minute ratings are playing more, while those with negative ratings are losing playing time on a game-by-game basis.

NBA Projected Minutes

Checking the NBA Projected Minutes immediately gives you an idea of how many minutes each player will see in their upcoming game.

This factors in their recent minutes, any potential injuries to their team, and nightly matchups that can influence playing time.

When you check the NBA projected minutes tool every day, you can make better decisions on who to add or avoid in your DFS lineups. You can also make better prop bets because you can find value in players that may be stepping into a more important role on the team.